Buy the latest Pandan Weaved bags and products in the most afforable prices. Wear it with pride and share the love for mother nature!



Keep it shady and comfortable at the same time! With our Pandan Woven sunvisor.


All your things in one safe and secured wallet made of Pandan leaves.

Bottle Holder

Great for weddings, occasions, or even a wine bag as a gift for someone. Get this durable and handy Pandan Bag now!


Love keeping a lot of things? Are you an organized person? Well you’re going to need this durable and fashionable bag to keep it all in one place.

Beach Beauty

Enjoying the beach? How about a colorful bag to keep your stuffs in one place. Be fashionable in a greener way.

Black Forest

A match to those determined, passionate, and the energetic person. Its fashionable and matches your personality.


For those who loves the sunshine and to those who are creative, determined, and full of joyfulness this is the perfect match to your personality.


For those who are bright minded and is colorful inside and out. A durable product and colorful match to your personality.


For the ones who likes to keep it all together and as organized as possible.

The Lady Bag

For the chic or for the simple ladies who likes to keep it simple but elegant. Its a great match if you’re attending family parties.

Bayong Mini

Great for weddings, birthdays, and corporate events. Show your appreciation with something unique and remarkable. It is also useful for small grocery items!


This bag can fit large items and just right for your weekly grocery needs.

The Executive

For the powerful women and to those who feels empowerment.